[Announcement] We are now Korean Wave Indonesia!!

Hello everyone! This is admin R 🙂 long time no update 😦
I guess many of you are a little bit confuse because this blog was named “Super Korea Generation Indonesia” but now change the blog’s name into “Korean Wave Indonesia”. So I have some confirmation here about this.

First, Super Korea Generation Indonesia (SukogenINDO) has deleted the twitter account and affiliates with a group which is active on twitter (@KoreanWaveINA).

Second, because our group (KoreanWaveINA) has received many loves by the followers, we (sukogenINDO) has reached decision to change this blog’s name to Korean Wave Indonesia

Last, Super Korea Generation (SukogeINDO) is now only a group who loves to cover sing and dance (in a fun way, not serious).

The most important thing is this blog’s contains won’t make any different (beside the name & theme), we’ll use Bahasa (translation) if the news we take from foreign website. If the news comes from Indonesia and need to inform to the others outside Indonesia, we’ll use English.

That’s it from the author. I hope you’ll give some loves as much as you love KoreanWaveINA 🙂
Please supporting us!

Admin R 🙂


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