Superman vs We Are Superstar

Since last night, social media Twitter enlivened with a tweet that says the song ‘Superman’ by Super Junior plagiarized Indonesia’s song called ‘We Are Superstar’ by NSG Star. This statement came from NSG Star’s music producer @nsgmusic in his twitter account.


In this tweet he wrote in bahasa, he stated that Super Junior’s song ‘Superman’ has plagiarized his song that he made for NSG Star ‘We Are Superstar’. This tweet has incurred the wrath of  Indonesian E.L.F and eventually make a war among the music producer and Indonesian E.L.F in twitter-land.

This statement also make Media Online in Indonesia are make some articles about what happened between NSG Music and Indonesian E.L.F. According to Tabloid Bintang the song ‘We Are Superstar’ by NSG Star and “Superman” by Super Junior has similarity in the intro and for the rest the song is completely different. And one thing that make these 2 songs has similarity is both songs carry the same genre which is R’n’B in an upbeat rhythm.

The manager of NSG Star gave a response on telephone to Tabloid Bintang by clarified “That’s not true, it’s just the misunderstanding of our producer. He had heard and seen the videos on Youtube and he feels that Superman has similarities with NSG Star’s song.” then she added, initially the song ‘We Are Superstar’ uploaded on 4shared on August 2010. But suddenly this song dissapeared. When he asked to 4shared center in Russia, he was offer a cooperation contract to promote NSG Star on 4shared.

“What is not noticed by the NSG is SuJu’s song was released on YouTube long before we upload the video,” continued NSG Star’s manager.

After the excitements and clarifications from fans to NSG Music, also the articles that made by Media in Indonesia. NSG Music finally made his apologize statement in his twitter account by saying that this is not NSG Star fault but it’s his fault.

Although his tweets now still make many fans angry but at least we know that “Superman” by Super Junior is definitely not plagiarized NSG Star’s song.

Let’s be cool and forgive him already Indonesian Kpopers! It’s just a misunderstanding problem 🙂

Source: Tabloid Bintang, DetikHot and Twitter
Photo: Tabloid Bintang
Written by : admin R (@rebeccawt) @sukogenINDO
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