S.E.S Eugene announce her marriage through message

“To all my loving Pisces.

How did you spend your day today~? For me, I went to the western mountains for a retreat with my church. It was spitting with rain all day today, but the weather never got too cold~ It made me think, spring sure is spring~ ^^

Spring…! I really like spring~ Flowers bloom and the weather warms up~ ^^ When it comes to spring, there is always something that comes into mind~ For any girl at least, it’s to become a May bride~ ^^ I also always dreamed of becoming a May bride~ Although it won’t be May, I think I might become a July bride!

Did I surprise you~? Hahaha~ I hope you did get surprised~! Surprising yet happy news~! I’m finally getting married! My hopes of getting married before 33 is finally coming true ^^

I’ve met someone who I want to spend the rest of my life with. Someone who can fill up the areas I lack in. The drama ‘Creating Destiny‘ really did allow me to meet a really important lover~ ^^ You know who it is now, right? ^^

I have a feeling some people might’ve made a guess after a press conference a while ago. It was a sad time for all of us members at the time, so announcing the news of my marriage would have been bad time.

I hope everyone can understand that it was an unavoidable situation for me to not announce it at the time. I really wanted to tell you guys as soon as possible as well~ ^^ Seeing that I’m smiling from finding it fascinating that I’m finally announcing my marriage, I think I’m in a state of happiness~  I’m~! h*a*p*p*y ^_____^*~!

I thank you for your constant love and support~ I hope you can keep supporting and looking over us in the future as a newly wedded couple~!

The thing called marriage… I will never think of it as an easy task, but if it’s with this person, I feel it will be strong and robust. Most importantly, I’ll promise to all of you that I will live my married life wisely with the support of God on my side~ ^^*

Thanks everyone~! ^_______^*”

CR: allkpop

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