The First Kpop TV Program is come to Indonesia!!

Indonesia get ready for the first Kpop TV Program in Indonesia. Top Kpop on O Channel.

After we’re waiting for a long time, finally O Channel bring us a good news by make The First Kpop TV Program in Indonesia, TOP KPOP. Now, on Twitter many people are talking about this Brand New Show that will air on Saturday, 7th May 2011 at 19.30 WIB. They have a big expectation to this program.

We hope it will satisfy us as Kpop Lovers.

source: o channel

By: rebecca@sukogenINDO

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5 thoughts on “The First Kpop TV Program is come to Indonesia!!

  1. mykyuchibi says:

    good posting… yeah kpop @ indonesian tv channel, i like it. hope another tv channel will follow this trend, and fulfill all info about our loving kpop star. thanx.

  2. Tharra Jung says:

    Annyeong haseyo~~please support and join with us WE ARE COVER DANCE KPOP GROUP from Banten, Indonesia ^^ Kamsahamnida (_ _)

  3. Annyeong haseyo !!
    Ahh… I LOVE KPOP
    like this program..
    The songs,news is very update…
    So, I Like this program…

    Annyeong… ^^

  4. konaga sasebo says:

    anyong aseo topkpop indonesia,,aku fau zie dr bogor,,,sneng bngt ma acara ini…aku ngevens sma 2am yg hands up….jg wonder girl yg this time..sukses trus ya buat topkpop…….kam samida….상단 K 인도네시아어 팝업에 대한 지속적인 성공은 … 나는 그의 프로그램을 같은 ……. 감사합니다

  5. Jealous!! Don’t know too many Americans that watch kdramas and they still don’t air here. I have to find them online and watch them, but I started my blog a few days ago and have been talking to friends and talking about them on facebook trying to spread the word because they are so awesome!! 🙂

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