Indonesians E.L.F’s project SUCCESS!!

Super Show 3 in Singapore has got many attention by many E.L.F (Super Junior’s fandom) especially from Indonesia.

Before the concert held in Singapore, E.L.F from Indonesia were raising funds lead by Indo Elf Project to give some presents to Super Junior members during the press conference, but it was report that they couldn’t give the presents because the short time and decide to give those presents on the second show that held on 30th January.

These presents are the prove that Indonesian’s E.L.F are really love Super Junior and want them to come to Indonesia. Fortunately the 2 of 10 medals were successfully given. But, the T-Shirt and the rest gold medals for SJ members was unsuccessfully given.

2 Gold medals were taken by Yesung and Eunhyuk wore it. The medals are pure gold, but the price isn’t as expensive as many people were talking about.
Beside that, there was another presents prepared by other Indonesians E.L.F and these presents were success. Surprisingly, the member took and wore it. Those presnts are Blangkon (a traditional hat from Indonesia), Batik Scarf & Shirt.
It’s make us proud as K-Pop Lovers. To Indonesians E.L.F we hope our dream come true.
Photos: and twitter’s account
By: rebecca tumbel (sukogenINDO)
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3 thoughts on “Indonesians E.L.F’s project SUCCESS!!

  1. kyuki5iwon says:

    aduh. . . admin thank u so much . .
    Pic”y jelas+keren” . . .

    Love suju, . . more and more . .

  2. MinYoung♥♔규 says:


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