TOP is jealous because Sandara and G-Dragon?



Sandara’s recent confession about G-Dragon has left Big Bang’s TOP in deep regret.

Aired last January 29 on KBSTV2 “Entertainment Tonight,” Sandara Park revealed that, “When I think about “Oh, this man would make a romantic boyfriend,” the man that comes to mind is G-Dragon.”
This confession came from the time when Sandara Park went on a ski trip and when she had trouble carrying her board, G-Dragon came and took it from her and carried it instead.
Sandara Park revealed, “I have that image in my mind when I think about men I’d like to date,” she explained.
When G-Dragon was told this, he said “Sandara Park was carrying this big board so it looked like there were two people and she had a hard time,” he continued, “Thank you for thinking well of me,” he finished.
TOP then revealed, “I didn’t go ski with them at that time,” he said, “If I did, I may have been chosen instead, I should have followed. It’s such a waste,” he expressed regretfully, with a jealous heart.
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