Music Bank will be recorded overseas

Producers of KBS 2TV’s music program, “Music Bank“, have revealed that they will be taking the show overseas by next year in order to allow foreign fans a chance to see their favorite artists up close.

Kim Jin Hong CP of the KBS variety team revealed on December 3rd:

“‘Music Bank’ is currently broadcast live in 54 different nations and manages to gather over 3 billion viewers. Starting next year, we will be personally visiting Japan, China, Taiwan, and others in order to record the show there.

A lot of foreigners come to watch ‘Music Bank’ in order to watch their favorite Hallyu stars. There were instances of a Chinese professor bringing her family over in order to wait for the program, and 15 teens from Germany all coming to visit. It’s amazing that they know the songs of SNSD despite the group having yet to debut in China or Germany.

Thousands of fans gather to watch Korean artists perform at the ‘Korea China Song Festival‘. Various Chinese broadcast companies try to earn the rights to broadcast the festival, demonstrating the popularity of Korean music in China.

Group NRG, who appeared in the festival nearly 10 years ago, has managed to maintain their fame in China, while another Korean female artist recently revealed her appearance fees in China to be in the thousands. ‘Music Bank’ especially has a promotional effect on the Hallyu culture.

The strongest content Korea has right now is Hallyu, and at the center of it is Korean pop. ‘Music Bank’ will be heading overseas in order to support Hallyu stars with their overseas expansion and to maximize our cultural exports.”

CR: allkpop


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