“TOUCH” the new Boyband in KPOP Industry

A new boy group from the same high school Rain and Se7en graduated from, has made their debut with YYJ Entertainment under the name of TOUCH.

The group first began their promotions overseas by standing on stage alongside popular Chinese stars this past August and kicked off their Korean promotions through “M! Countdown” on October 21st.

TOUCH’s main vocal Junyong is already a famous figure in his high school, attracting hundreds of fans in front of their dorm and rehearsal room. Leader Hanjun was previously a part of JYP Entertainment’s “Superstar Survival” and is said to be exceptional in not only dancing and singing, but composing, writing, and playing instruments as well.

The rest of TOUCH is composed of ulzzang Young Hoon, Min Seok, a contestant of “Battle Shinhwa,” Seon Woong, nicknamed the “F4” of his hometown, and maknae Dabin.

Producer extraordinaire Brave Brothers (Kang Dong Cheol) is the producer behind TOUCH with their debut song being “I / 난,” a highly addictive song much like his other hits for Son Dambi and U-KISS.

Representatives of TOUCH revealed, “Their choreographers are the DQ dance team, best known for their work with MBLAQ and B2ST. Hwang Jong Ha, the stylist for 2PM and miss A, will be styling TOUCH. Writer Park Sang Moo, the photographer for PSY, Rain, SS501, KARA, and others has joined to work with TOUCH in order to finalize the ‘dream team.’”

They continued, “Music representatives from Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, and Macao visited Korea on the 21st in order to watch TOUCH make their debut. Over 15,000 people gathered to watch TOUCH’s Macao performance, amplifying the interest amongst international representatives.”

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One thought on ““TOUCH” the new Boyband in KPOP Industry

  1. linda says:

    ilike is voice
    boys beautiful


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