Kangin was visited by Heenim

Back in July, Super Junior member Kangin began his mandatory 2 year military service by enlisting in the army. Besides making a surprise appearance at Super Show 3 in August, Kangin has been pretty much out of the spotlight.

Earlier today, twitter sensation and fellow Super Junior member Heechul uploaded a photo of himself where he recently visited Kangin.

Heechul also wrote: (Note: Had to do a general translation, as it’s hard to translate the emotions of these Korean phrases into English)

누구보다 내편이 돼주고 “형아 형아” 애교만점인 영춘이ㅋ “그냥 웃고 즐기며 살고싶어~ 요즘들어 아무도 없고 기댈곳이 없다” 란 내말에 연신 “미안 형아.. 미안해 진짜..” 거리는 겸디영춘. 내새끼임ㅋ

More than anyone else who’s always on my side, master of aegyo, Young Woon. ㅋ I said to him “I just want to laugh and enjoy my life~ lately, there’s nobody around and nobody to lean on.” He responded by saying, “I’m sorry hyung-ah(brother).. i’m truly sorry…”He’s my little boy ㅋ



Source: Heechul’s Twitter
Photos: Newsen (main) + Heechul’s Twitter

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