MISS A’s Min loses her shoe during perfomance

miss A’s Min unfortunately had to endure an embarrassing moment during their recent performance of ‘Breathe‘ on this week’s ‘Music Core’.

All was going well, and the group was giving another brilliant performance with their unique choreography, but then Min’s shoe accidentally flew off as she was making a kicking movement with her leg.

Despite only one shoe on, Min still carried through and successfully ended their stage as if nothing happened. After the performance, fans voiced out, “Min was able to handle the crisis well”, “I admired Min’s professionalism by continuing to sing right till the end.”

It may have been an embarrassing moment, but it was a priceless one nevertheless. Check out the moment in slo-mo GIF action below, along with the reaction of her and others on Twitter.

The look on her face as she realizes her footwear has flown off somewhere in the vicinity of Mars is priceless.

Regarding the incident, Min said on Twitter, “I should’ve wore socks… 😦 my shoe came off during my performance..“.  To that, Taecyeon replied to her with, “it was the best performance I’ve seen!!! Lol“.  Se7en also chimed in with, “Haha!! That was cute!!! Good job today!!!”  Heechul said he thought it was a concept, “I started watching from the middle [of the performance] and I thought it was part of the concept..standing with only one shoe“.


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