SHAWOL Indonesia Flood TVRI to get KIFF’s tickets (Korea – Indonesia Friendship Festival)

Events KIFF (Korea Indonesia Friendship Festival) organized jointly by Arirang TV and TVRI in commemorating the diplomatic relations between Korea and the Government of Indonesia, which will be held on October 12, 2010 at the Tennis Indoor Senayan, attract many teenagers to come.

The group “SHINee” will participate in a concert commemorating the relation of Korea and Indonesia on 12th October 2010. Beside SHINee there will also singer Naomi, Sonhoyong, Gujunyup. Meanwhile, from Indonesia, there are performances from Dance Company and Gita Gutawa at the Tennis Indoor Jakarta, broadcast by TVRI throughout Indonesia and Arirang TV to 188 countries worldwide simultaneously on October 24th.

Public Relations phone desk from yesterday rings continue to receive calls from viewers who ask for the truth of the news about their coming to Indonesia. Most of all asking about how they can get a free tickets from TVRI.


Translator: Admin R


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3 thoughts on “SHAWOL Indonesia Flood TVRI to get KIFF’s tickets (Korea – Indonesia Friendship Festival)

  1. Wahaha..SHAWOL Indo is so powerful..^3^…

    Even lot of students, whose still wearing their unifrom..XDXD..

  2. flamingants says:

    I find it sooo funny
    How could TVRI lie to ALL INDONESIAN SHAWOLS, and then they put it on their headline
    Dont they think those shawols who wait for ‘never-exist-tickets’ for a whole day could sue them for a public lie??

  3. Ayeesha says:

    I think it was great event to improve relationship between Indonesia and Korea. Keep it up 🙂

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