Shindong talk about Super Junior & his acting carreer

They’re the best people I’ve ever met in my entire life. I feel like I met all of the nicest people in the world at once.”

With his fellow Super Junior members being a dependable source of strength for the past six years, Shindong gave the above quote when asked what Super Junior meant to him. Together, they’ve now become one of the representative singers of all of Asia.

I was like an immature child before I met Super Junior. After I met them, I felt like I entered into the golden age of my life. My life went on a rising curve, which is why I call them the best people I’ve ever met in my life.”

But of course, life isn’t always just full of joy and happiness. The group has also gone through their own share of hardships with Chinese member Hankyung (Hangeng)’s lawsuit against his contract.

It’d be a lie to say that there are no problems but one thing I’m sure of is that our company works hard for our benefit. More than anything, I want our careers to have a long life with great achievements just like now. They say that the life span of an idol is five years but our members are always discussing and working hard to overcome that prejudice.”

He quickly added, “They say that people change once they’ve gotten a taste of fame, but in my life, Super Junior is the best. I could never throw them away.

Shindong is also preparing for a role in SBS’s traditional drama, “Doctor Champ.” He claimed that the reason he was given such an opportunity was because of none other than Super Junior.

I’ve already participated in a drama before but I want to do even better now. I want to show a better side to myself to our members. But maybe it’s because I’m nervous, but acting has become so difficult. Even acting normal conversations have become a task. When I was rehearsing my first line, I was so nervous that I didn’t even know I was bit by a mosquito.”

He went on to state, “I realized through this drama that I wanted to go into acting. Although my role isn’t that big, I’m already excited at the opportunity of having people watch me grow.”

Back to the topic of Super Junior, Shindong revealed that the group is as competitive as the love they have for one another. He concluded, “The roots must be strong in order for something to grow well. I’ve just now stepped foot inside the world of acting, but I will never forget that Super Junior is my center.”

Source: Star News

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