Where are you MC Mong?

On the most recent episode of KBS’s 1 Night 2 Days, viewers were looking hard for MC Mong’s appearances. The PD of the show had previously stated that he would cut out most of his parts without ruining the episode.

Just as the PD promised, MC Mong was rarely seen on the episode, except for essential parts such as the shot with all six members. The screen time for the other members significantly increased due to MC Mong’s “abscence”.

As the episode ended, netizens made many comments on the program’s official message board. Some noticed the effort that the PD had put in, leaving comments such as, “You could see that the PD had tried as hard as he can to cut out MC Mong from the episode. It was very obvious.” However, others left comments such as, “Not even one part with MC Mong should be shown.”

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