The plagiarism controversy of Epik High

While still battling accusations against his education, Epik High’s Tablo has been hit with yet another controversy, and this time regarding plagiarism.

On the afternoon of the 6th, a community cafe named We Request the Truth From Tablo (TaJinYo) put up a post titled ‘Plagiarism report to the US Copyright Office’.

The members of the cafe brought up the argument that Epik High’s songs are similar to that of other international artists, accusing the group of plagiarizing. The songs in question are Third Party Barbecue, Alone, One, Still Life, and 36 other songs.  Two music videos were also listed, one being Fly, for a total of 38 different plagiarism accusations.

One of the cafe staff members, Hong2 (rmqwhehls), posted up links to Epik High’s songs along with what he claims are the originals.

The netizens even went as far as to research on how to report plagiarism to the US copyright office, and encouraged other cafe members to do the same. The post already has thousands of replies saying that they’ve followed instructions and have reported Epik High.

TaJinYo currently exceeds 130,000 members, and they are concurrently attempting to show their power through their charges against Tablo for what they claim is a suspicious education history.

CR: allkpop

Source: SPN

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