MC Mong will not be on 2 Days 1 Night

MC Mong will not be on tv for the time being after for being indicted without attention for evasion of military service and interference with a government official in the execution of his duties.

The variety programs for which he is a fixed cast, include SBS’s “HahaMong Show” and KBS2TV’s “Happy Sunday’s 1 Night 2 Days.”

The producers of the two programs held a joint meeting regarding the MC Mong issue and have made a decision after both were lambasted last weekend for airing the shows with him in it.

The “HahaMong Show” will be put on hiatus until a final judgment is made from the 19th. Many already believe that the show is already preparing to be axed for good.

On the 14th, SBS made an official statement and revealed, “We’ve continued to broadcast footage with him because a final judgment has not yet been made. however, now that the suspicions have spread beyond control, we have decided that it is not right to continue broadcasting against viewer protests. There are still two episodes worth of footage already recorded, but beginning from the 19th, a different program will take its place.”

“1 Night 2 Days” has also made an official statement stating, “Starting from the 17th, MC Mong’s appearance in the show will be deferred. We are aware that a judgment has not been made regarding his service evasion, but we must also take into account the viewers and their feelings. For now, we have decided that it is impossible for MC Mong to appear on the show. This decision will onl stand until a proper judgment is made and ‘1 Night 2 Days’ will continue with a five member group.”

The episode set to broadcast on the 19th has edited out MC Mong as much as possible.


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