MC Mong has been delaying army duty for seven years

MC Mong has got some explaining to do, because recent accusations against him regarding draft dodging aren’t shaping up to be entirely false.

MBC’s News Desk reported today that, “MC Mong’s active duty has been delayed by evaluation seven times in the past seven years. The delays seem to be illegitimate.”

They further added, “In 2007, MC Mong delayed his military service by claiming he had 12 missing teeth, and as a result, he was exempted. After this, reports about his draft dodging erupted, and an investigation was started.”

Predictably, it was found that MC Mong had his teeth in working order.  He also used many other reasons for delaying his service, such as entering college, a trip abroad, and a state workers’ examination.

Regardless, MC Mong’s representatives seem to be confident, “The police have already started investigations concerning the accusations, so let’s wait for the results.”

Whether the reasons for delaying his military service are legitimate or not, the fact that he did indeed delay his service is not something that will improve the rapper’s image.

Source: Nate

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