SM Entertainment takes legal actions against ‘SHINee copycats’ from Cambodia

A decision has been made by SM Entertainment that they will now officially file for a lawsuit against boy group KH Stars from Cambodia who had released a song called ‘Ring Ding Dong’ and ironically sounding strikingly similar to SHINee‘s Ring Ding Dong.

SM Entertainment released an official statement on September 7th and announced:

“We have not heard anything from anyone in Cambodia about using ‘Ring Ding Dong’. We are currently in the midst of contacting officials from Cambodia and confirming details, after which we will respond with legal actions.”

One can say KH Stars tried to mimic SHINee‘s signature dance moves and instead of singing from a rooftop, KH Stars were dancing from a car park lot.

This isn’t the first time that Cambodia has tried to duplicate a song. JYP Entertainment had filed for a lawsuit following a Cambodian version of Wonder Girls.

The interesting part is, I wonder how SM Entertainment would handle this, apparently Cambodia doesn’t have any copy right laws.

CR: hellokpop

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