Se7en responds to Happy Together criticism

Last week’s episode of Happy Together Season 3 starring Se7en received heavy criticism from netizens for Se7en’s supposedly halfhearted attitude. Netizens picked at his seemingly uninterested attitude during the couple games with comedian Park Ji Sun.

Se7en responded on his Twitter,

“Ah, I just watched the rerun of Happy Together, and I thought I worked hard? 😥 I really did my best that day. For the peppero game, I told Park Ji Sun that I wouldn’t try on purpose. 😥 I thought it’d be funnier. Please don’t dislike my attitude. Blame my decreased sense of humor.”

He explained that he did not act like this because he disliked Park Ji Sun, but because he thought that such a concept would be funnier to the audience. Se7en’s recent television appearances broke his 3 years and 8 months hiatus from Korean shows, and he revealed that he felt awkward and nervous because the variety show atmosphere had changed a lot during his absence.

Se7en seems to be a bit discouraged by the harsh reception from the netizens but is still trying his best to get used to variety shows. A lot of stars become nervous on variety shows, and it looks like veteran Se7en is no exception.

S: Newsen

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