KOREA SPARKLING FESTIVAL 2011 & United Kpop Lovers Indonesia #1


Let me introduce first…

My name is Antoinnette, 20 y.o. from Indonesia, I’m the General Secretary from United Kpop Lovers Indonesia.

I want to share some info about Korean wave in Indonesia.

Nowadays, a lot of Kpop and Kdrama lovers appears in Indonesia but their excistence is not as bright as K-Lovers in another country such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philipines and Thailand but this year my friends (the General Coordinator) had a big idea to gather all K-Lovers in Indonesia and plan a big event called KOREA SPARKLING FESTIVAL (KSF) which is take a place in Jakarta on January 2011 (place, date, and time will be mention latter).

Well…in Indonesia there a lot of K-Lovers who don’t know each other excistence until the organization appeared and more info about Indonesian K-Lovers especially Kpop…we don’t have any channel in Indonesia (until this end of September) which broadcast any of Korean song…(but we have some of Kdrama show in one private TV station), so we knew Kpop from youtube or some update from random Kpop and Kdrama forum but we do love Korean song and drama as much as another country does.

Now we begin to organize all fandom in Indonesia in one organization called United Kpop Lovers Indonesia with Nia Dorothy as the General Coordinator and untill now the members reach 38.221 in one of our 1st group to make private TV in Indonesia make a special show about Kpop called 1.000.000 facebookers mendukung pembuatan acara Kpop di Televisi Indonesia or in English called 1.000.000 facebookers support the making of the Kpop show on Indonesia Television, but this is not accurate data because I just calculate the members in the group without calculate another fandom or Kpop pages.

You can join the official pages from link bellow but I must warn you that we don’t have another pages but some subgroup from each district in Indonesia (example: UNITED KPOP LOVERS INDONESIA DISTRICT JAKARTA, etc). We (UKLI) will accept all Kpop Lovers who want to participate in KOREA SPARKLING FESTIVAL (KSF) and we are waiting for your attendance in the 1st KOREA SPARKLING FESTIVAL in Indonesia next year! I’m sure you want to know what will appear in this event, so make sure you join the official pages and the admin will updates the info for you all.

For further information please join UKLI pages and feel free to ask anything, the admin will answer it ASAP.

“We are United Kpop Lovers Indonesia ready for going to Korea Sparkling Festival 2011”



Best Regard,


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2 thoughts on “KOREA SPARKLING FESTIVAL 2011 & United Kpop Lovers Indonesia #1

  1. nice ..
    I liked your article.
    Do not forget to stop by on my blog. ok

  2. Hi. We are fan of K-pop. We’re opened a K-pop website in a group. A blog like yours with regular postings about the K-pop scene is a great source of information for fans.
    Information such as Shinee members’ personal data, Super Junior’s latest concert schedule and new songs of f(x) and Sistar are at the core of our interest. I think collecting and exposing fans’ requests to the musicians would be of value, too.
    Fans in Dusseldorf are waiting for FT Island. http://www.qbox.com/q/58/161
    Fans in Frankfurt are waiting for SHINee. http://www.qbox.com/q/4/20
    A MBLAQ fandom has been formed in EUROPE. http://www.qbox.com/q/21
    I hope such news actually materialize real concerts for fans. Thank you. I am looking forward to your next posting already.

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