Nichkhun is falling for Victoria

“When I look at Victoria, I become more and more captivated. Often there are times when I wish that the imaginary marriage won’t come to an end,” said Nichkhun in an interview.
Through this week’s episode of MBC Section TV Entertainment, 2PM’s Nichkhun expressed his affection towards his on-screen wife, f(x)’s Victoria. As those words escaped his mouth, he surprised many of the viewers with his honest confession.

Thereafter, Nichkhun selected his ideal woman through a brief game of Ideal World Cup
The winner of the final round was SNSD’s YoonA, but prior to playing the game, Nichkhun expected Victoria to be listed as one of the female candidates. The sneaky Ideal World Cup game didn’t include Victoria however, further making Nichkhun really surprised. But when he was asked if he wants YoonA to be his imaginary wife, Nichkhun shortly replied, “No comment.”

Meanwhile, this episode also revealed the set of Nichkhun’s advertisement filming.

cr: allkpop

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One thought on “Nichkhun is falling for Victoria

  1. ckckckck, nichkhun, u r a bad boy 😄
    smoga mereka cocok…aminamin ajah deehh….

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